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Sleepy Time

Storage Basket:

The Sleepy Time gift basket is a carefully curated collection of baby essentials designed to soothe your little one to sleep. This gift basket includes a variety of items that are both practical and adorable.

  • Living Essentials Kenzie the Unicorn Rattle: One of the standout items is Kenzie the Unicorn the Koala Rattle. This charming toy is sure to become a favourite bedtime companion.
  • Living Essentials Knitted Stripe Blanket - Pink/White: Cuddlesome Comfort for Cosy Nights! Wrap your little sleepyhead in the warm embrace of our Knitted Stripe Blanket. Made with the softest materials, this blanket is designed to provide a snuggly haven for your baby. The delightful blue and white stripes add a touch of charm to any nursery decor, while the premium knitted fabric ensures optimal comfort and warmth. With this blanket, your little one will feel safe, secure, and ready for a restful slumber.
  • Alokaia Handmade `Knot` candle - Small: A tranquil Ambiance for a Serene Sleep Environment! Create a peaceful atmosphere for your baby's bedtime routine with the Alokaia Handmade 'Knot' Candle. Handcrafted with love and attention to detail, this small candle exudes a gentle glow that sets the stage for relaxation. Its delicate fragrance fills the air, creating a serene environment that promotes tranquility and calms the senses. Let the soft flicker of this candle guide your little one into a world of peaceful dreams.
    The Living Textiles - Storage Set Small: A practical addition, helping to keep your baby's room tidy. 
  • Personal gift message printed on a greeting card
  • Two Streets Over Signature Storage 100% Cotton Rope Basket

Each gift basket comes with a personal gift message printed on a greeting card, making it a thoughtful gift for new parents. All these items are beautifully presented in a Two Streets Over Signature Storage 100% Cotton Rope Basket, adding a stylish touch to any nursery.

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