The Journey Two Streets Over


Karen and Max, a mother-son powerhouse, were not content skimming Main Street for the usual finds. Along with their newest member, Benji, they turned corners to 'Two Streets Over', discovering unique treasures tucked away from the predictable. At the heart of this venture is a deeply woven story of each product, a narrative far from the mundane, destined to be cherished.
Our commitment doesn't end at curating original products. We take the gifting experience a step further. Each time a gift is carefully selected and packed, we capture its final look and share it with the purchaser. It’s our way of involving you in the journey, making sure you’re connected from selection to delivery. It's more than just a business; it's a shared joy of gifting. Our dedication is backed by a belief in the profound joy of giving, and our customer service reflects this ethos every step of the way. Every member of our team is not just a part of our business; they're a part of this dream - to elevate the art of gifting. So, if you're looking to move beyond the usual and into the realm of extraordinary gifting, we invite you to take a short detour. It’s just Two Streets Over.
Karen, Max, and Benji