"We at Deloitte have had the privilege of working with Two Streets Over for our corporate gifting needs, and our experience has been nothing short of exceptional. The gift boxes created for us, and our clients are a testament to their commitment to originality and finesse.

What truly sets them apart is their knack for personalised service. From understanding our brand ethos to delivering gifts that resonate with our values, they have demonstrated an impeccable attention to detail. The bespoke curation, specifically tailored to fit our corporate needs, stands as a testament to their dedication and understanding of the business landscape. Beyond the exquisite and original gifts, their customer service is unparalleled. Every interaction is marked by professionalism and a genuine desire to exceed expectations. Their team ensures that every requirement is met with enthusiasm, making the entire process seamless. In an era where personal touches in the corporate world can sometimes be overlooked, Two Streets Over brings it back with style, sophistication, and warmth. We look forward to our continued collaboration and cannot recommend their services enough to other organisations seeking a premium gifting experience."

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“Partnering with Two Streets Over for our corporate gifting needs has been an absolute delight. The originality and thoughtfulness behind each gift box resonate with our brand and values. Their bespoke curation and personalised service have seamlessly catered to our specific needs, making each gifting moment memorable.

Above all, their commitment to exceptional customer service has made our collaboration smooth and rewarding. Highly recommended for any business seeking to leave a lasting impression!”

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“Collaborating with "Two Streets Over" for our gifting needs has been an exhilarating experience. Their efficiency in curating gift boxes is second to none. The ingenuity behind their brand name is captivating too. Rather than sticking to the mainstream,

it hints at the charm of uncovering treasures not on the main drag, but just "Two Streets Over". Each interaction with the team amplifies their penchant for the unique. If you're contemplating a partnership, dive right in. Kudos, Two Streets Over, for being consistently outstanding!”

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