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Artisan - Classic London Tonic

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Introducing the Artisan - Classic London Tonic, a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary. This innovative concoction marries intricate natural citrus flavours with understated botanical notes, providing an ideal backdrop for drier, premium gins.

Our Classic tonic recipe is crafted with a natural fusion of three citrus flavours, designed to enhance and complement the botanicals in gin. The aroma is characterized by the natural quinine and fresh citrus combination, offering a super clean finish.

The flavour strikes a balance between quinine bitterness and natural sweetness, while the texture is soft and elegant. As the name suggests, this tonic is the perfect mix for a quality London Dry Gin.

Ingredients include Sparkling Water, Cane Sugar, Acid: Citric Acid, and Natural Flavourings including Quinine. 

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