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Artisan - Barrel Smoked Cola

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Introducing our Artisan - Barrel Smoked Cola, a unique twist on a classic beverage. This product is a tribute to Smokey Joe, a man known for his innovative spins on old favourites. Our Barrel Smoked Cola is no different, boasting a unique blend of barrique barrel aged smoky top notes that perfectly balance the cola nut bitterness. This southern classic is a thrilling addition to your favourite dark spirit.

Character Notes: The aroma of our Barrel Smoked Cola is a delightful mix of classic cola sweetness and complex smoky notes. The flavour profile begins with a classic cola taste and a hint of cinnamon, followed by a smoked oakwood note that gently bullies. The finale is a harmonious blend of vanilla and citrus, completing this smoky sensation. The texture is full-bodied with a clean finish, offering a truly adult cola with a real depth of flavour.

Perfect Mix: Our Barrel Smoked Cola is the perfect partner to your favourite craft bourbon, whisky or premium rum. It's a versatile mixer that enhances the flavours of your chosen spirit.

Ingredients: Our Barrel Smoked Cola is made with sparkling water, cane sugar, and flavours including cola, lime, natural oakwood, and smoke flavour. It also contains roasted barley malt extract, citric acid, and caffeine. Please note, this product contains roasted barley.

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