Two streets Over

Baby Pineapple Stack Toy

$14.50 $20.00

Introduce your little one to the world of stacking and sorting with Two Streets Over's Baby Pineapple Stack Toy. Crafted from child-safe materials, this vibrant and engaging toy encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and imaginative play. The stackable pineapple rings feature different textures and colours, stimulating sensory exploration and tactile learning. With its sturdy construction and charming design, it's the perfect toy for endless hours of educational fun. Say hello to developmental milestones and joyful playtime with our Baby Pineapple Stack Toy. Shop now and watch your child's skills grow!

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Is the Baby Pineapple Stack Toy suitable for infants?

Yes, our stack toy is designed for infants and toddlers, providing a safe and engaging play experience for babies as they explore and develop their motor skills.

Are the materials used in the toy safe for babies?

Absolutely! We prioritize safety and use child-safe materials in the construction of our Baby Pineapple Stack Toy, ensuring a worry-free play experience for parents and caregivers.

How many rings are included in the stack toy?

Our Baby Pineapple Stack Toy comes with 5 stackable rings in varying sizes, colours, and textures, providing endless opportunities for stacking, sorting, and imaginative play.

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