Garnish Game

Garnish Game - Dehydrated Mixed Citrus Cocktail Garnishes


Give drinks instant game with all natural 100% Australian dried citrus wheels.

It’s a citrus salad for your drinks. Each pouch includes:




Pink Grapefruit

Blood Orange

With no added preservatives, flavours or colours you'll think of these flavour packed garnishes as your drink's ultimate accessory.

They will be BFF with your next Gin and tonic, Spicy Margarita or Negroni.

Dip into dark chocolate and eat as a treat, add to a cheese platter or decorate baked goods.

Vegan friendly & Gluten Free

Due to the variation in size and shape each pack contain 10-15 pieces - over 30g.

Packaged in resealable, recyclable packaging.

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