Two streets Over

Dog Leash Red


Walk your furry friend in style and safety with Two Streets Over's Reflective Dog Leash with Padded Handle. Designed for small, medium, and large dogs, this leash boasts a sturdy construction and reflective stitching for added visibility during nighttime walks. The padded handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the durable materials offer reliability and strength. Say goodbye to dull walks and hello to adventure with our premium reflective dog leash. Shop now and elevate your pet's walking experience with Two Streets Over.

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Is the Reflective Dog Leash suitable for all dog sizes?

Yes, our Reflective Dog Leash is designed to accommodate small, medium, and large dogs, providing a secure and comfortable walking experience for pets of all sizes.


Does the leash feature reflective stitching for added safety?

Absolutely! Our leash is equipped with reflective stitching, ensuring visibility during low-light conditions and enhancing safety during nighttime walks.


Is the padded handle comfortable for long walks?

Yes, the leash features a padded handle for maximum comfort, reducing strain on your hands during long walks and providing a comfortable grip for added control.

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