Two streets Over

Dog Poop Bags Holder + Bags Black


Make clean-up a breeze with Two Streets Over's Pill Shaped Poop Bags Dispenser Garbage Holder in sleek Black. Designed for convenience and style, this dispenser ensures you're always prepared for walks with your furry friend. The pill-shaped design adds a touch of whimsy while securely holding standard poop bags, offering a hygienic and odour-free solution for disposing of waste. Say goodbye to messy walks and hello to effortless clean-up with our poop bag dispenser. Shop now and enjoy stress-free outings with your pet.

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Are poop bags included with the dispenser?

Yes, the Pill Shaped Poop Bags Dispenser Garbage Holder comes with poop bags included.

How many poop bags can the dispenser hold at once?

Our dispenser can hold one standard roll of poop bags, ensuring you have an ample supply for multiple walks with your pet.

Is the dispenser easy to attach to a leash or belt loop?

Yes, the dispenser features a convenient clip that easily attaches to your leash, belt loop, or any other desired location, providing easy access during walks with your furry companion.

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