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Break a sweat and stay motivated

Look no further than our Fitness Fan hamper, a fantastic combination of fitness essentials that will keep you on track with your fitness goals. Packed with style, functionality, and a touch of whimsy, this hamper is designed for gym enthusiasts like you who appreciate the finer, yet simpler things in life.

  • The Breathing Travel Gym Towel The star of the show, in Pink Mermaid. This towel is not your ordinary workout companion. With its vibrant colour and enchanting mermaid pattern, it adds a splash of personality to your gym sessions. Crafted from premium microfibre fabric, it absorbs moisture quickly, keeping you dry and comfortable during those intense workouts. Plus, it's compact and lightweight, making it ideal for your gym bag or even your carry-on when you're jetting off to new fitness adventures.

  • Caye Life Water Bottle in Terracotta. To keep you hydrated and refreshed, we've included this 750ml bottle, a stunning blend of style and functionality. Its sleek design stands out from the crowd, while its durable stainless-steel construction ensures your beverage stays at the perfect temperature for hours. Whether you prefer ice-cold water during an intense cardio session or a refreshing sip of herbal tea after a yoga class, this bottle has got you covered.
  • The Soap Bar's Cherry Blossom: Delight your senses with the enchanting fragrance of our Cherry Blossom soap. This handcrafted soap bar gently cleanses and moisturises, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Find more soap options here.

 All our hampers include a personalised handwritten card and come in our signature Two Streets Over box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put in a gym hamper?

When we create a gym hamper, it's important to include items that cater to the needs and interests of fitness enthusiasts. A well-curated gym hamper can be a thoughtful and practical gift for anyone dedicated to their fitness journey. Here are some essential items Two Streets Over may include in a gym hamper:

  • Fitness Accessories: Include essential accessories like a durable water bottle.
  • Protein Bars and Snacks: Include a selection of protein bars, energy bars, or healthy snacks to fuel their workouts and aid in post-workout recovery.
  • Towel: Add a soft and absorbent towel to help them stay comfortable and dry during intense workouts.

Remember, personalisation is key when creating a gym hamper. Consider the recipient's preferences, fitness routine, and any specific goals they may have. By including a thoughtful combination of practical and motivating items, you'll create a gym hamper that is both useful and appreciated.

What to gift people who go to the gym?

When selecting gifts for gym-goers, it's important to consider their dedication to fitness and their specific interests. A thoughtful and practical gift from Two Streets Over can enhance their workout experience and provide motivation.Consider the Gym Lover Gift Box.

What do you get a gym junkie for Christmas?

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a gym junkie, consider options that cater to their fitness passion and provide a touch of holiday cheer. Here are some great gift ideas for a gym junkie:

  • Fitness Apparel
  • Fitness Gadgets
  • Gym Accessories: Enhance their gym experience with accessories like a workout towel with fun motifs, or a stylish water bottle. 
  • Recovery Tools: Help them recover and relax with tools like a massage gun, foam roller set, or a set of resistance bands. 

Remember, the key is to combine their love for fitness with the festive spirit of Christmas. By selecting gifts that align with their gym-focused lifestyle and add a touch of holiday cheer, you'll create a memorable Christmas gift for the gym junkie in your life.

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