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Kitchen Digital Timer White


Elevate your cooking and classroom experience with Two Streets Over's Kitchen Timer Magnetic Digital Timer. This compact and versatile timer features clear digits for easy reading and magnetic backing for convenient placement on any magnetic surface. Whether you're cooking in the kitchen, teaching in the classroom, or baking in the oven, this countdown timer ensures precision timing for all your activities. With its user-friendly design and reliable performance, it's the perfect addition to any busy household or educational setting. Say goodbye to overcooked meals and missed deadlines with our magnetic digital timer. Shop now and streamline your timing tasks with Two Streets Over.

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Does the kitchen timer require batteries to operate?
Yes, our Kitchen Timer Magnetic Digital Timer requires a 1x AAA battery for operation. The battery is not included with the timer and must be purchased separately.

Can the timer be used for both countdown and stopwatch functions?
Our digital timer is specifically designed for countdown timing tasks and does not feature stopwatch functionality.

Is the timer suitable for outdoor use?
While our timer is suitable for indoor use in kitchen, classroom, and oven settings, it is not designed for outdoor use or exposure to extreme weather conditions.

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