🇫🇷OCNI - Epicurean Seasoning Pencils - Basilic, Espelette Pepper, Saffron


What Does OCNI Stand for?

In French it means: OCNI = Objets Comestibles Non Identifies and in English unidentified Edible Objects! 

OCNI is a company created in 2014 specialising in food design and innovation based at Mejannes-les-Ales in the Gard. 🥳 Benoit LeGuein, the Savant Food, is trained in pastry and cooking, contemporary art and product design: He is the inventor of OCNIs. 

This box contains 3 seasoned pencils and a sharpener. The flavours are:

Basil (Organic): Is ideal with Mediterranean cuisine, red fruits, raw vegetables, goat cheese and citrus fruits.

Espelette pepper (Bio): Is ideal with Basque cuisine, chocolate desserts, poached fish, grilled meats and cold soups.

Saffron (Bio): Is ideal with seafood, fresh cheese, white fish, citrus fruits and risotto.

These are a must in everyone's pantry and a talking point at your next dinner party.

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